Hey Gorgeous!

Coming from a family of artists, it was not a surprise I would follow on the artistic journey. I have been surrounded by art my whole life. It started at a young age with an influence of an art teacher, my aunt. She introduced me to different paints and forms of art. I continued to study painting and fashion throughout school. I became intrigued with designing clothing and  painting women’s portraits yet I was still unsure of the the path ahead.

I knew I had a passion to create and I never wanted to stop painting.

It was not until a girlfriend asked me to do her hair and makeup that I realized what I was meant to do. Not only was I still painting, but my art was alive and real. It had emotion. It had confidence. 

I began my career working in New York City alongside some the industry’s most influential photographers, models, and designers. I worked on set assisting designers and photographers styling the models. Between fashion shows with Vera Wang and Catherine Malandrino I was working with major music performers like Glee and my experience continued to grow. Commercial work began to follow and I had the pleasure of working with some major talent like Burt Reynolds. Weddings also became a big part of my business and with that expansion I began to build a team of trained artists to work along side me.  

xoxo, Angela